How to Draw Animals and Pets

While drawing animals and pets, you should explore the potentials of the sharp tip of your pencil. The pencil tip if sharpened at its lowest degree, it would record the tiniest elements you see with your eyes. This would make your drawing sharper and more realistic. Though for an artist, showing the exact reality is not of so much importance, but while we are making a drawing like portrait or drawings of pets, the similarity of their faces would mater much.

In the articles given below, the illustrations of drawing of animals like horses and elephants are narrated with an eye of an artist.. There are tips about how to draw pets like dogs and cats.

How to Draw Horse

Whether you have done riding on a horse or not, you would love to see the paintings or drawing of the horses. It is because this lovely creature is one of our most ancient means of transport and a great friend or ours in the time of peace and war. Her some basic techniques of drawing the horses are narrated in easy language. You can try it at your leisure time.

How to Draw Elephant

The art of paintings takes birth from the tip of a pencil, it is said. and there is no exaggeration in this saying. You can learn all the basics of the art of painting if your start your artistic journey from doing the pencil art. Here some fundamentals of the art of painting is narrated wile showing marvelous drawing of elephants.

How to Draw dog

When you start drawing, the idea of portraying your pet, your dog, would come first in your mind. It is because you love the lovely creature who lives with you and who is much faithful. In this article, several drawings of dogs made by different artists are shown and their techniques of drawing the same are briefly narrated.

How to Draw Cat

No one would miss drawing a cat, if he or she has some artistic knowledge about the pencil drawing. Cat is such a lively pet and so docile that you can portray her with much ease. Put your cat on a table, fill the room with full light, and start sketching and drawing the cat. In the article given here, a simple drawing of cat is given. anyone can try it drawing. [Image courtesy By Airair (Own work) [http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html">GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia]

Here is wonderful pencil drawing of a cat.

Learn drawing cat and dog.
Pencil drawing and lining of a cat

While starting with the pencil drawing you can consider drawing the things lying in your surrounding. The pets, living with us, like cats and dogs are the first preference of most of the artists. It is because we love to see these pets, painted and drawn. So for the beginners, the pets are easy subjects to draw.
Originally uploaded by Jennifleur

Here in this pencil drawing the artist has shown the example of pencil lining. The use of technique of lining is used in such a way that it has worked like shading. The eyes of cat define the whole mood of the portrait.

However for the beginners, the choice of the objects to draw hardly matters. We can choose anything lying in our immediate surrounding: it can be your table; it can be books lying on table or your table clock. If you want to go into details of the drawing the objects like your wet towel put on back of the chair or the hanging pyjama would be good subjects to draw.

Anything you like, anything you feel inspired from can ignite the artistic flame hidden inside of you.

Drawing Tips: Before starting to draw, make it sure about the size of the object and how far it is lying from you, near to you or at a distance.

LEARN DRAWING: Birds and Animals in Zoo

Theme: Pencil Drawings of Flying and sitting Birds.

If you are an artist and have passion to draw the objects existing in your immediate surround, it is very difficult to prevent yourself from trying to draw the animals and birds on paper board.

Movingline, Drawing by Channing at Boston Public Library, originally uploaded by renzodionigi. It is hard to draw the animals, live. You may not find much trouble in drawing from the photos, but the art of drawing live has its own rapture. I believe that the art of drawing is a live art rather than the art of memories and dreams!

Drawing Animals Live

Look at this pencil drawing. The beauty of nature and the energy embedded in the innocent birds are wonderfully depicted in this drawing. While we draw from a live scene, we have to notice the curves of the animal or the bird perfectly. If we recreate the curves and linings of the bodies of the bird we can hear a definite rhythm in that drawing. The artwork give above is not a mere pencil drawing; it is a full-fledged artwork in itself. In this drawing, the artist has infused the intimacy of her art symbolized by images of the waves and the birds flying nearby.

For me such drawings are very homely subject, a familiar task. And for doing this wonderful task I have t remain well-equipped, too. So while going to Zoo with children, I keep with me this material: One 4B pencil, a good eraser and at least a dozen white papers of A4 size. Children do their job; enjoying the garden and looking at swans and teasing the monkeys. And I do my job: sitting in front of a cage of either an ostrich of a peacock. These birds have populated very thick collection of my sketches.

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