Learn drawing a horse with raised ears and bright eyes.

Whether you have done riding on a horse or not, you would love to see the paintings or drawing of the horses. It is because this lovely creature is one of our most ancient means of transport and a great friend or ours in the time of peace and war.

This pencil drawing of a horse is one of the loveliest illustrations of pencil shadings and line drawings. Such an eye-catching pencil artwork can be drawn only after a good experience of drawing. This natural effect can be put on paper by varying the degree of the pressure of pencil. Here the artist has put up the best efforts of line drawing and shading by pencils. The entire space of body of horse is shaded with artistic prowess. In addition to that due care has been taken to depict the presence of light that is falling from the behind.

Look at the downward looking eye of the horse with big shape of the head. It gives us a feeling that the animal is of looking at the ground. All the small and directed strokes on the light and dark shadings virtually force our eyes to look at downward, as the horse itself sees in that direction. Thus the artist here has succeeded in making the viewers participating in the feeling that he or she had felt while drawing the faces of the horses. This type of work infuses the soul in the drawing. (Image courtesy Photobucket)

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How to Do Pencil Shading of a Horse

One of the advantages of using the pencils resides in its unmatched utility in line drawing. Imaginative use of shading is the second benefit. Shading in pencil drawing is just like putting different tonal values of colours with the help of the tip of a graphite pencil. After that by selecting a proper colour and applying that colour in different tonal values, a painter would animate his or her mental images on paper and canvases. Thus pencil drawing with creative shading can become a strong base for a master piece painting in oil colours when it is enliven on canvas. (Above drawing of horses is done by jeanner Jeanne Rewa posted on Flockr )

The above pencil drawing of a pair of horses is one of the finest illustrations of pencil shadings and line drawings I have seen. It is done by artist Jeanne Rewa. By varying the pressure on the pencil, the artist has put up the best example of line drawing by pencils. The heads of the horses are shaded with artistic precision. The due care has been taken to show the light falling on the different portions of head and neck.

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