Portrait painting or portrait drawing is a genre of painting and drawing. Here the artists intend to depict visual appearance of the subject or the person whose portrait is to be made. Here are a few basic rules to observe while portraying.

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While looking first time at the face you are going to draw, you should carefully observe the geometrical proportions of different parts of the face, the parts that comprise a human face: the eyes, the nose, the lips, and hair.
The Basics: It would be important to find out the rhythm of the pose of the person being portrayed. First of all we should draw the figure in faint lines, so that we can change it at any time afterwards. Moreover there are certain tiny aspects to remember. the artists would not miss to mark difference in size and shape of upper and lower eyelid. Mark carefully how the upper eyelid covers portion of the whole eye. That would be your first act to draw the eyes; after that start drawing iris and then sketch out eyelids around it.
The Details: It is a common belief that both the eyes of a person are similar in size and shape. However that may not be true in everyone’s case. Our eyes are not the mirror image of each other. Moreover the shape of an eye varies with movement of eyelids. The wind also effects the position of eyelids and the shape of the eyes. So while drawing the eyes, you are to keep several aspects in mind.
The Tools: The first and most important step for doing an artistic pencil drawing is to control of pencil. You should have full control over the movements of your pencil. Make it sure that every mark you are putting on paper leads you to the final and fine work of pencil drawing. You can use the tip of your pencil or the sides of the pencil as the per your wish to animate your image on the paper. However at this stage we would not engage ourselves in the detailed aspects of eyes, like shading and other things. That can be taken care of after the whole face is drawn. Once the eyes are drawn as above, you can proceed further.

How to Draw Nose and Mouth

In this stage of portrait drawing, we shall discuss how to progress on the face where eyes are already located and nearly drawn. The drawing of nose and mouth would be our next agenda.
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NOSE: if we look at nose of a person, we can see that it looks like a series of curves. Thus there will be less straight-line work here. But you can proceed by drawing two nostrils as they look from a distance. Marking of the main nose-line would define the shape of nose helping to make the whole face identifiable. Here the nose lines should be drawn by giving less pressure on tip of your pencil, as you would require these lines to wither away while applying final shading.
MOUTH: The next step will be to mark the space for mouth. This feature, the drawing of mouth, would make the whole face immediately identifiable. So it would be prudent to concentrate while drawing the lines for mouth. You can start here just by drawing a delicate line where two lips meet. Mouth comprises two lips, and the upper lips tend to be very different from person to person. Look out for the exact shape of the upper lip of the person you are making portrait. The lower one would be easier then. It would be slightly bigger in size than the upper lip. Keenly observe the creases and the stretches visible on the lower lip; draw the same giving slight pressure on the tip of your pencil. Here you should not worry about the detailed texture of mouth, as you can take care of it in final stage of shading.

How to Draw Face, Ears, Chin and Hair

Now you can proceed on to draw the whole portrait. The residual features of the portrait are to be inserted into the frame. Here you will consider the shape of the ears, the chin, and the hair.

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Drawing Hair: Starting from the hair you can slip down up to the shoulders. If the person portrayed has long hair; then make it sure about the position of the hair. It would be advisable to decide whether you are to arrange some hair on one of the shoulders or not. It depends up on the choice of the person whose portrait you are making. The hair lines can be straight or curly, as the case may be. If some hair is drawn on one of the shoulders, especially the right one, it would create a strong visual effect.
Here you are to take care about the measurements of all the features of the face. This stage would finalize the outer boundaries of the portrait; and after doing that it would be difficult to change a major part of the face. Once you have done the complete outline of the portrait, just try putting some line drawing work on the head area and the hair falling on the shoulder. From this stage you are going to final drawing of the portrait, as now onward you would require making the portrait more identifiable and more realistic one.

Here in this final stage, you are to rectify whatever you find not proper. You can alter some of the lining of add a patch of shading here of one more stroke there. But this is the stage that can make or break your whole portrait. It may render your entire labour till the moment a gone case. So to be extra careful here is the mantra.
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In an ordinary sense the drawing is over here. But an artist hear would not stop thinking ahead. For an artist, it is important to know about when and where to stop drawing further.

But an artist would apply here his or her intuition. You can proceed further, guided by your intuition. Here you can think about giving more effects to the light falling on the face or shoulders or anywhere on the portrayed area. In enthusiasm, one might make the edges of face harder or the nostrils more darkish. So beware of the overworking.

Your Hands: When you start shading the portrait, you swill have to look at your hands also, as there is every possibility of the lead powder making your hands or fingers dirty. If by mistake this dirty finger is put on the drawing, it can spoil your whole work of the portrait drawing here. Care should be also taken to not to allow the lead power on the face of paper while doing the actual work like shading. You can avoid this by extra care. Better would be to start shading work from the top and go downwards.
It is universal rule that an artist heart would never feel satisfied with his or her work. So the artist would not declare the work as finished. But here the act of a prudent person should prevail. In some cases it would be better to frame the work immediately or deliver the same to the person who has commissioned the work.
Portrait drawing is a low cost hobby; any one can afford it, as it does not put much weight on your purse. But it can be an exciting and rewarding career, if you want to convert it in that way. It is very much interesting because it gives a budding artist the freedom to draw anybody’s face, may it be your close friend or a celebrity. You can draw with the help of photographs, too. Though the portrait drawing or painting is not an easy venture, the level of patience, time allocated to it and constant effort will pay a rich dividend.
Tip for Portrait Making
While making a portrait of a person sitting before us or from his or her photograph, you should keep big mirrors behind you and the subject, so that you can see the person being portrayed and the portrait you are making at the same time. It is good for comparing the work every moment.  

Portrait Drawings of Great Men and Presidents of USA

Pencil Drawings of Celebrities. Colour Pencil portraits of great men and Heroes. When a person desiring to be an artist takes pencil in what would he/she like to draw first? Perhaps the faces of the men and women he/she loves most. The portrait drawing is both an art, as it is intuitive; and a technique, as it can be learnt. Any one who begins career in portrait making, should first define outlines of face of the person whose portrait is to be made. Do rough sketch first. After the rough sketch, start adding extra details of nose, lips, and eyes. Next stage would comprise of doing the shading work.

Here are pencil drawings of great men who became presidents of USA by doing the great struggle in their life. Any artists, a beginner or an accomplished one, would like to look at these drawings. These drawings are good guide for the artists, and they are wonderful art pieces to view.

Portrait of George Washington

Portrait of George WashingtonWhen the great man George Washington stood up for taking the oath as the first president of United States of america, the history had looked it with tearful eyes, the eyes full of the tears of joy and pleasure. On April 30, 1789, George Washington did not only became the head of today's most successful democracy in the world, but he had declared that the power of weak-looking common men is limitless and no one on the earth can limit it by tyranny of bullets.

George Washington

In this painting the artist has used sober colours for the clothes and light colours for the face. The background is painted in still lighted shade for highlighting the face of the president George Washington. However the white and grey -like hair worked here marking out the limit of the face and beginning of the backside area. The dark coloured eyes are the perfet match for the visionary eyes of the person so portrayed. That is technical aspect of this wonderful colour portrait of the first president of America.

NSRW George WashingtonPresident George Washington was not only a brave soldier, but he had proved himself as a wise statesman, too. His capabilities as a had of USA was at the test during the time of French war. But proving himself to be one of the most impartial world leader, he had refrained from taking the side of either England or France, and had remained neutral.

A Portrait Drawing

He was born ad brought up as a gentle man. Living his parents who were planters in the state of Virginia, he had learn the A B C of morals and manners of a gentleman. Washington had never availed vacation in his life, as that was the call of the nation and call of the time in which he functioned. After his retirement as the president of USA, he lived only for three years. He died on fourteenth December in the year of 1799.

Pencil Portrait of John F. Kennedy

Here is the pencil portrait of one of the greatest presidents of United States of America: John F. Kennedy. He was murdered while he was president.

John F. Kennedy, originally uploaded by alfromelkhorn.

His death was a major blow to the concept that US president is quite safe in the modern time. The man who had shot President Kennedy from a good distance was arrested and the case of murdering the hero of the time, president Kennedy, was registered against him. President Kennedy was very much famous for his devotion to the nation and the world peace. He had maintained very cordial relationship with the prime minster of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. India is the largest democracy in the world.

Portrait of Barack Obama

The first ever non-white president of United States of America has been honored by the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2009. He has been elected as the president of USA, the most successful democracy of the world . His election as a president was also a crucial one, as his main opponent was a strong lady, Ms. Hillary Clinton, contesting against him for nomination as a candidate for Democratic party.

President Obama has lived a life of a real common man. He neither belongs to a renowned family having clouts in political field, not he is connected with any billionaire of the country. He lived as a common man; he contested as a common man; and he won the election as a hero of the twenty first century. President Obama has received a huge welcome from all over the world for his getting such a valued prize at such an young age. [Images Courtesy: Geroge Washington Painting By Rembrandt Peale (1778–1860) Description American painter Date of birth/death 22 February 1778(1778-02-22) 3 October 1860(1860-10-03) Location of birth/death Bucks County Philadelphia (the-athenaeum.org)[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons , George Washington Pencil Portrait See page for author [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons ]

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