SKETCHING: A Creative Journey Towards Painting

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For an artist nothing can be more important than the primary sketch of a panting. Many artists experience some fear at the start of career in doing sketches. It might be the apprehension that the sketch would not be enough good or it would result in clear wastage of time. But with the growing experience in this field and proper following of technique would produce astonishing results. Sketching is not a complete picture, it is the first feeling that you had in your heart on seeing the things.

Female head in profile A sketch -by Leonardo Da Vinci

How To Start Sketching

The difficulties lie here only. An artists holding pencil in hand and sitting with a blank paper before eyes would find like standing on a last rock from were the valley starts; no road going ahead. Believe me; I had the same experience of fear. But now I own a full big box of the sketches I had done on paper, book pages, and on the reverse side of tickets of film shows. Do keep one thing in mind while doing sketch of any object or a scene: do not leave it incomplete. Do it full; and do it with the same feeling you are going through at the moment. That is the real purpose of the art of sketching. And remember one important aspect: sketching is just a record of an idea that you would be translating into a painting in future.

Skill of Sketching

The art of sketching is a skill that can be developed. It would equip you in recording your immediate response to the surrounding. Process of going on in this field could enhance the level of confidence for learning more about the art of drawing and painting further. A good sketch would lead to a better pencil drawing a perfect painting, may it be in water colour or oil. For an artist, sketching provides ample opportunity to mingle with the subjects and understanding very feel of the air in which s/he is standing while doing it. Even a loose sketch done within ten minutes would be providing you a valuable detail about the tonal values and the light effects of the atmosphere in which you did the sketch.

Sketching From Photographs

Many artists have put forward mixed views about making sketches from photographs. Some believe that the photos we have taken are just like sketches in different form. There are artists who think that while doing painting on the basis of photos, one would tend to copy the exact details s/he would see in it and would render the artwork into one more copy of that photo only. But in reality the things are very different now.

The artists of renaissance period have also used preparatory works as a tool while doing their final work. The artist like Vermeer had also recognized the importance of the photographs of objects to be painted. To minimise the risk of making just a copy of a photo, an artist should make out several sketches of the objects or the scene depicted in a photo. That would give the feel of being artistically present in the scene.

My Experiments With Pencil Drawing

Those were the days when I was sincerely trying to come out of my marvelous ignorance about the art of painting. I turned down the reference sections of a library. It was not the case that the librarian was my friend or an art lover. He simply wanted to dust some books without making a payment. I my new-born curiosity about books of painting fitted well in his scheme. I cleared the dust from almost three hundred books, out of which I had read fifty at least.

Finally I decided to meet those who have practical knowledge of the art. Had I met the art teachers? No. Sorry. I did not take that long circuitous route that leads nowhere. But one of the artists I met satisfied my curiosity in a strange manner. I asked what I should do for becoming an artist. “You are like a barren land,” he looked at the sky and started addressing me. “Till the land first… and then pour water on it for a time. Thereafter plant some good seeds of imaginations, and the flowers would be blooming in due course.”

I asked him about how I should start. “Purchase the ploughs. For tilling the barren land, a good set of ploughs are required. By ploughs, I mean the pencils. Start the journey from Pencil drawing.” Yes, before becoming an artist, the gentleman was a farmer. But I followed his advice in spirit, and not in letters. For two weeks no noticeable change was there. But thereafter the things started to change. The forms became identifiable, the shading looked convincing. Even the flat drawings seemed becoming three dimensional and the thin figures on my drawing papers were on the track of being voluminous.

Thus I had entered the field of pencil drawing. (Image courtesy By Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) Description Italian painter, inventor and writer Date of birth/death 15 April 1452(1452-04-15) 2 May 1519(1519-05-02) Location of birth/death Vinci near Florence, Tuscany Clos Lucé Work period High Renaissance Work location Florence (1452 - 1519) (repro from art book)[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons)


Theme: Pencil Drawing of Old Couple, Drawing of People, Pencil Drawing of Standing and walking people.

Hand in hand - Pencil Drawing, originally uploaded by RobbScottDrawings.

The Art: The drawing is an art that gives us the pleasure we hardly can get from other activities. We can have this pleasure just by sitting and doing something with the paper and pencils. Pencil drawing is also a technique that can be learned by those who have passion for putting their first foot in the land of art.. Among the various section of drawing, we can say that the portrait drawing is one of the most beloved sections of the art of drawing and painting.

The Artist: Look at the work of any well-known artists, and you will find one or two beautiful portrait paintings in his or her collection. So the portrait drawing is the most loved art among the artist, too. The beginner who wants to be a portrait making artist should first learn to define the outlines of figure he or she is going to draw. See here the artist has shown the master technique of shading and lining of the pencil drawing.

The Artwork: The drawing portrays an old couple, grand parents. The position of their hands and the feet shows how they desire to be nearer to each other. Here the artist has shown the inner wish of every old couple, a wish to have the company and support of his or her spouse.

The different shades applied makes the whole pencil drawing look like three dimensional photograph. The thin and long shadows falling behind the back of the couple indicated the ending hours of the day, a symbolic one too.

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