How To Draw Elephant : Fine Art Pencil Drawing

Learn Pencil drawing, artistic shading of Elephant

Pencil drawing is the first lesson of the art of painting on one hand, and on another it is primary work for a big artwork like an oil colour or a watercolour painting.

However when we look at some of the pencil drawings, we feel that the pencil art is also a branch of art itself. Look at the pencil drawing of 'mother and son elephants' given here. It is one of the loveliest illustrations of pencil shadings I have recently seen.

The Technique: In this pencil drawing of elephants, the artist has put up the best efforts of exact line drawing and excellent use of pencils of different grades. We can shop for such fine tip pencils from any art dealer nearby. It would come with labels like H1, H2, H3 and onwards... and B1, B2 and like that. The H stands for hardness and B for the softness. Generally an artist would use pencils ranging from B3 to H2. Some experienced artist do beautiful drawings in coloured pencils, too. If the materials like pen, pencil, papers, and erasers are from a renowned producer and a reliable art supplier, it would never fail in giving a good output.

The Art: You can see the masterly done shading work here in this elephant drawing. It has enhanced the value of drawing. The expressions of mother and son elephants are depicted so nicely that everything looks natural. There seems no element making the drawing dramatic. Such a nice work can be put on paper by artistically varying the degree of the pressure of pencil. In this artwork done by pencil, entire space of body of both the elephants are shaded with artistic prowess. In addition to that due care has been taken to depict the presence of light that is falling from the backs of both the lovely elephants.

How to Draw Elephant with Pen and Ink

Elephant Calf. work in progressArtists use different mediums for recreating the images he or she likes to draw or paint. The pen and ink is one of the most modern and widely used medium. Students use pen and ink in drawing schools and the artists, too, do the use of ink in drawing. Look at this drawing in progress. We can see the marvelous use of pen and ink by the artist Paul Brady. Look at the delicacy of the putting the points of in on the paper. This drawing is done in the style of drawing and painting known as 'Pointillism'.

Drawing of Elephant in Progress -by Pbradyart

In this artwork, the line drawing is also masterly executed. Such a precise pencil artwork can be done only by an artist having ample experience. The work like this would require utmost care and precision by an artist.

Elephant calf This is the final drawing. We can see that how much artistic care and precision has been taken. This drawing can be an example for the students who want to learn drawing by ink pen. Drawing under guidance of a trained teacher, or attending a drawing class for one week would be of much help.

Drawing of Elephant -by Pbradyart

The different shades of ink has made this piece of art so wonderful. It can be done by varying pressure on the pen. The space to be left blank also play a vital tool in pointillism. A student of art can lean it by giving committed time and fullest attention while doing the work. The drawing of animals like horse and elephant is really a pleasant art.

Symbolic Meaning of Elephant in Art: Since the primitive age, the elephant has played an important role in human life and its development. It has generated symbolic meaning for the elephant, too. In art and literature the elephant is shown as symbol of power and nobility. The unmatched strength and huge utility of the elephant have made it the symbol of strength and fertility with development.

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