Portraits of Actors, Actresses and Celebrities

The actors and actresses of Hollywood and Bollywood attract every cine-lovers attention. Every cine-goer would love to wee his or her favourite star. Thus the pencil artists would get a good buyers for the portraits of film personalities. These portraits get ore viewer-ship, too, as they carry a celebrity element with the same.

Here are some pencil portraits. all the portraits are done with the help of pencil. An artist who want to learn drawing portrait would get much scope for seeing how these successful artists have done their art works.

The Portraits of Actresses

How to Draw Pencil Portraits

When we took a pencil in our hand the first thought we get in our mind is to try a portrait drawing of our know person. The person may be our lover, a beautiful partner, spouse or a little child. Many young artists desire to draw their parents and teachers they love most. But doing portrait by pencil is not so easy, especially when you are in the budding stage of your artistic life.

Anne Brontë - drawing in pencil by Charlotte Brontë, 1845

Before going to start a portrait drawing of a person, an artist would examine how it is done by the others. We have a vast data of information regarding how to draw faces and human bodies. We can see such work in achieves of an old galley. If we want to know how the artists of the whole world are doing this task of portrait making, we should search for it on internet. Following passages narrate how certain types of portraits can be done with pencils. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Portraits of Celebrities

Drawing faces of Celebrities have always remained a favourite subject for the artists. It is because such portraits attract immediate attention of people. We love to draw faces of our heroes like George Washington and Mahatma Gandhi. We also love to see the beautiful faces of Hollywood stars like Julia Roberts and Sean Connery. But while drawing these celebrities an artist has to be more alert, because a small wrong dash here or a tiny mistake there could make or break your whole portrait drawing, as the viewers know their exact faces due to celebrity status.

Portraits of Women

No artist would miss drawing a woman or a young girl, if she approaches him or her to be portrayed. Artists drawing women on their art papers would ensure that the aspects of beauty and proportion of various parts of the face are important while drawing face of a woman. If an artist is making portrait of a woman wearing no clothes, then his or her task would become more technical. In this case the artist will have to take care about the curvy parts of the woman. The precise lining of thighs and legs and shading work done below the breasts would make portrait of a woman wearing no clothes very beautiful.

Portraits of Children

Here the artist would face all types of challenges. It is because a small child of two or three years old would be very charming and beautiful, but the baby would not be co-operating the artist. But the artist can take help of photographs.

Line Drawing or Value Drawing

An artist would make portrait by using two types of techniques: line drawing or value drawing. If it is done with the help of value drawing the artists will have to be much careful about falling of the light on the face of the person being portrayed, as under this technique the shades would decide the different areas and not the lines.

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