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For an accomplished artists it would be an easy assignment to make a portrait of a man or a woman. He or she would not find much difficulties if the person to be painted is of the age of more than five. But to make out a portrait of boy or a girl who is very little is a challenging job. Here the artist has accepted that challenge. And the surprising result is before our eyes.

The most attracting aspect of the face of a child is the innocence here the artists has succeeded in depicting the element of innocence very artistically embedded in the portrait. Look at the subtle smile lurking from the tiny lips of the girl. Only an artist claiming a huge experience in his or her curriculum vitae can do this magic.

Portraits of Children by Master Artists: There are few things more appealing than a child's face. However, many artists struggle with trying to create portraits of children. There are some techniques that can make learning how to draw a child's face a more manageable.

A young Henrietta Anne (1644-1670), daughter of Charles I of England. Portrait by Van Dyke.

And artist would find many appealing aspects while drawing a portrait of a child. It is because the face of a child would simply differ from the adults’. Those who know the right technique can do a wonderful artwork by drawing or painting a child. When an artist like Anthony Van Dyke draws a pencil portrait of a child, it would be a masterpiece.

Look at the portrait given here. Here we can see the eyes full of innocence and playfulness. Though the size of the eyes is almost equal to an adult’s eyes, all other proportions of the face is different. If we look at the pencil shading part of the portrait, we can see that all other forms of the face are fully shaded. No part of the face is kept untouched. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Learn portrait Drawing Live

There are artists who prefer two traditions of making a portrait: drawing live getting the person before the eyes and taking the help of photographs of the person. While using the photographs as a base for the portrait, one must try understanding what the photographs of the person reveal.

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The visible characteristics of a person apparent on the photo should be incorporated into while drawing his or her portrait. Before doing shading work, or putting some advanced features onto the portrait, the artist must ensure that proportions of all the aspects of face is incorporated.

In this pencil drawing, the artist has maintained a fine balance of proportions that is crucial while drawing faces, eyes, nose and the lips. Moreover the artist have not failed to trace out the element of innocence in the eyes of the little girl. We can surely say that the eyes reflect the inner simplicity of the girl's mind. The fast blackness of the eyes depicts the youthfulness of the girl.

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