In the world of art, there can be no partnership better than between pencil and paper. Artists would use these two wonderful things for recreating objects, alive figures, and anything the human eyes can see. By using a pencil to draw the lines, curves, and shading, the artist recreate the world that is before his or her eyes.

Drawing is a process that transfers the mental images, the visuals in mind, onto paper or canvas. Pencil Drawing is ABCD of the Art of Painting. If you are fond of reading about the art of pencil, if you wish to learn pencil drawing step-by-step, you have come to a proper place, perhaps. When an artist starts trusting the tip of a pencil, and begins to love its movements, an intimate dialogue is established between the pencil and blank paper. Then the drawing takes a shape through such a dialogue.

No artwork can be classified in water-tight segments. But for convenience of art lovers and curious readers, we would classify the works done by pencil artists in following categories. Each type of work has similar importance and it takes similar amount of labour and artistic attention.

Detail of a Portrait Drawing

If we are to explore the art done with the tip of a pencil, the portrait making segment would cover the wider area of our discussion. The portrait drawing requires almost every weapon that an artist must have in his or her armory. Portrait drawing is an art itself, and it is used as primary work for making a watercolour or oil colour portrait.


The paintings of women receive more attention and critical interest from the viewers. The drawings of women, especially women wearing no clothes takes much attention from the viewers and the artists alike. The cloth-less woman would be in various postures like sitting, standing,sleeping, reading, Reclining or doing some work. Drawing a woman without clothes is a very delicate subject. The woman might be a young girl; she might be drawn from front side or from the backside. This involves different types of drawing techniques.

DRAWINGS OF CHILDREN: this section deals exclusively how the drawings of children are done. Making a portrait of a child is not as easy as it is in case of an adult. it is because the child has multiple beauties on his/her face and he/she would not be sitting quiet while sitting as a model !

PORTRAITS OF CELEBRITIES: We love the men and women who have done good works for the human kind. so we love saints and war heroes and head of the nations. The other types of celebrities are the film personalities. The actors and actresses of Hollywood and Bollywood attract every cine-lovers attention. The portraits of sportsmen and Sportswomen, too, are received with much interest. The names and links for seeing the portraits of important celebrities are given in the sidebar.


In this section you would find how to draw various pencil drawing, other than the portrait making. Here the technique of drawing Landscape is narrated in detail. The method of drawing interior of house, and the streets, and the mountains and rivers are narrated with maximum possible details.

DRAWING LANDSCAPE: Generally before painting a landscape in watercolour or in oil or in any other medium, a preliminary sketch is done. There after the artists draw the same with graphite pencil of charcoal. The drawing of mountains, rivers, farms and farmhouses helps the artist to decide the most proper hues and shade of the colours to be used in final painting.

DRAWINGS OF PETS AND ANIMALS : We love to see the drawing of our pets like cats and dogs. The Drawings of Horses are much in demand. Other animals like elephants, goats, monkeys and cows are also drawn with equal fervor and artistic skill.


The articles given here are for all of those who wish to learn drawing. No one would be required to be overwhelmed by the complicated theories, difficult manoeuvres. Pages with easy to use cross references would take you on a journey through other book, to other articles and the artworks of other artists who worked in the field of drawing. When we decide to put first step on the land of art, the first thing we think about is ‘from where should we start’. And that’s a good start. We know that every big building has its first stone, so every art has its first phase. Taking pencil in hand is the first step to enter the wonderful land of painting. (Image courtesy: By Kenyon Cox (Library of Congress[1])[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons )

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