How To Draw Landscape With Pencil

Pencil drawing is a technique involving multidiscipline. It includes blending spatial, technical and aesthetic knowledge of an artist.

Knorrhütte - by E. T. Compton

Pencil drawing explains some important principles an artist must know. It teaches these aspects step-by-step instruction, moving from observation to simple aspects of drawing, and then to drawing difficult work like figurative painting. The pencil drawing skill is intrinsically linked with manifold aspects like sketching and recording the information to be used afterwards, in executing a watercolour paintings or an oil painting.

Starting with the pencil is an ideal resource for the artist with a limited experience of the art of painting. The working with pencils and doing the pencil drawings develop the amateur artists' confidence and help their skills to reach the platform where he or she can be introduced as an artist. a little further. The intricacies of pencil drawing guide the artist through every aspect of producing a watercolour or an oil painting. While drawing light of dark lines by the tip of a pencil the artist vary the weight of the line.

Articles About Landscape Drawing

In pencil drawing the lines are drawn like the music notes are played by a musician. The notes of music would be unpleasant, if not played with care and control; and it fails to impress the audience. Same is the case with the line drawing and shading while drawing landscapes.

LEARN PENCIL DRAWING: Mountains and Rivers

The continent of Europe is a vast area full of natural beauties. The artis of all the time have used this rich resources of Europen land. This beautiful land has high mountains with snow covered peaks and the furiously flowing rivers in all the direction.

LEARN DRAWING: Farm and Farmhouse

Some people go for pleasure; and some go for rescuing themselves from the monotony of the life. But the art is an inner aspect altogether. However the strive finding the for subject. The artist always wanders for the subjects of his or her choice. And there can be no better place than the country side for getting the subjects to draw and paint.

If you are a beginner in the art of painting and drawing, the pencil drawing of farms and farmhouses could be very much of help. It is because the person who has just started the learning would not find himself or herself in difficulty if the objects stationed at a distance are to be drawn. (Image courtesy By Edward Theodore Compton (1849–1921) Alternative names E. T. Compton Description German painter, illustrator and mountaineer Date of birth/death 29 July 1849(1849-07-29) 22 March 1921(1921-03-22) Location of birth/death Stoke Newington, London Feldafing, Bavaria Work location London, Darmstadt, München, Tirol, Kärnten, Italien, Feldafing, Schweiz (Berner Oberland), Österreich, Norwegen (Lofoten), Schottland (Hebriden), Spanien, Südamerika (Bolivien)[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons)
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