PORTRAIT: Nicole Kidman, Pencil Drawing

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THE ART: In this pencil drawing, the beauty of the actress Nicole Kidman is filled with the delicate touches and strokes of the pencil tip used by a master artist. On seeing at this portrait, the neat and clean image of Nicole would catch our mind. The smile on the lips, the naughty position of her eyes, and the curls of her hair: these are the stacks that have made Nicole Kidman so popular for her unmatched beauty. she has acted and worked as actress, model, singer.

Here we can see the superb lining work and the masterly done work of the pencil shading. If we look at the eyes we can see how the artists has put life into both of the eyes, by doing the shading of eyes and the eye brows. A touch of pencil shading at the neck, and the entire drawing of Kidman has become three dimensional.

WE don’t feel comfortable discussing what we do in bed at midnight—even though it is pretty damn good.” : This is what Nicole Kidman believe about her own life. she says so while any pressman asks her about her private life. Even after her working in number of films movies and continuously remaining in spotlight within print media and Television, Nicole’s lively attitude towards life is still so fresh and lively.

How to Make Pencil Portrait By Pencil Lining

If you want making a portrait only by drawing lines of the tip of your pencil, it would be a nice exercise.

Pencil drawing, originally uploaded by duran3d

Drawing is the medium that enables us to create a feel of three-dimensional look on a two-dimensional support like paper and canvas. While doing a pencil drawing, say portrait of a person, we use the techniques of either line drawing or value drawing. in value drawing we do not draw any specific line, but we follow the pattern of the light falling on the face and other limbs.

Were we to make a pencil portrait with the help of by drawing line only, we should have very close relationship with the tip of the pencil, meaning we must have good experience of doing the same. Look at the above portrait. The artists has used, mainly, the tip of the pencil here. The shading work is limited to the eyes and very tiny parts of the face. In this portrait work, the artist Roque Hernández Durán has drawn the curves of the hair very artistically.

The portraits are done by lining only in case of drawing cartoons. If we need drawing a caricature or a cartoon, mere lining work would suit, too, as such works are to be done with the deadlines. For a professional artist, drawing a cartoon with the help of lining could be a matter of minutes.

Nicole Kidman As a Noble Person

Nicole Mary Kidman, born on 20 June 1967 is an American-born Australian. She is actively attached with many humanitarian activities. And for recognition of her humanitarian services, Nicole was made a Companion of the Order of Australia in the year 2006. this is Australia's highest civilian honor. Coincidentally, during the year 2006 Nicole Kidman was also the highest-paid actress in the film industry.

Nicole Kidman As an Actress

Nicole Kidman 2001

Nicole entered the field of entertainment as a teen actress in her native Australia lead Academy Award-winning actress. That ultimately sent her to Hollywood in the early 1990. Here she lost no time in establishing herself talents as an engaging actress in several major films. Her popularity reached at the high Tom Cruise, a mega star in Hollywood. [Image courtesy Georges Biard [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

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