PORTRAIT: Learn Drawing Eyes, Nose and Lips

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The Art: This pencil drawing is like the symbol of female power, depicting female beauty. The visual description in such a way helps summing up the personality of the person so portrayed. If we observe the sliding curves and the soft and bold and precise strokes of pencil, we can surely see a definite rhythm in this marvelous pencil drawing.

Though a pencil drawing generally done for converting it into a watercolour painting or oil colour art piece. But this pencil drawing does not look like a preparatory drawing; it is a full-fledged portrait itself. The most attractive part of this pencil portrait is the drawing of the eyes. The eyes can make or break a portrait, as it must resemble to the original. (Image Courtesy Photobucket)

The Art of Drawing: The most important aspect of drawing a face is to arrive at the true alignment of eyes, nose, and mouth. While drawing the teeth, the internal part of mouth, please notice the effect of light carefully. The teeth-lines might be pearly white but it would be shadowed by lips. In drawing teeth, some lighter shading on shadow part and keeping the whiteness of the paper as it is would be a good idea. Do carefully darken the corner of the mouth where both the lips meet. In addition to this the colour of the lips would always remain darker than the other part of the face. Thus following the natural aspect, an artist would be able to complete the drawing of mouth.
How to Draw Mouth: Without some prior practicing, it is not easier to paint the Mouth. However you would find drawing a closed mouth of a person a little bit easier. While drawing the open mouth will be a test of abilities, meaning it could be difficult, as it and requires constant practice. Here you would be necessary to draw the inner side of the mouth, too, including the teeth, the gums, and even the tongue in addition to the pair of lips. The mouth requires extra care because it expresses the moods of the person portrayed. Drawing of mouth and nose could make or break the making of entire portrait. (Images courtesy Wikimedia commons)

Here in the pencil drawing, the artist has made a very sensitive exploration of the lips and eyes of the person whose portrait is made. The artist has tried capturing everything that we can observe by looking at the teeth line. The position of the lips is apparently looking very pleased. It is obvious that when the lips look happily widened, the person looks in joyful mood.

Drawing the Lips: While drawing lips, make it sure that it does not go much darker. It can be so dark only in case of the colour of the lips of the person being portrayed is like that. You are to put just the darker shading on outline of lips only. Ensure that lower lip is slightly lighter the upper lip.

You will take care in highlight the lips beautifully, as the lips are the first place where the viewers' eyes would be moved. The puffy part of lower lips would give you ample opportunity to highlight it nicely. You can add here some vertical strokes of B2 pencil or of the shade that the overall scheme of the portrait permits.

Draw in this sequence: Eyes, Nose, Ears, Hair, Lips and Clothes
Here is one of the wonderful drawings of eyes I have seen.


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In the beginning, a pencil drawing is a visual thought in the mind of an artist. When this thought takes the help of the tip of a pencil or a charcoal stick and get drawn on the face of a fine paper, it becomes an artwork. While doing portrait drawing, we have to perform several task: the drawings of eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, in addition to the outline of face.

How to Draw Eyes

For the beginners of for an artist of experience, it would be advisable to start a portrait with drawing of the eyes. This puts a basic foundation about how the person looks, as we recognize a person mainly from his or her eyes. So drawing the eyes is so crucial, too.

Drawing Outlines of Pupil and Eyeball of Eyes

In the initial phase, just draw the outline of the eyes keeping in mind the shape of the eyes. Some marking of eyebrows and the darker places on the eyelids would be the essential features to draw here, as it might not be left out afterwards. Once the areas of eyes are drawn, you can use 3B or 4B pencil for shading the eyelids and the surrounding parts. It would give you clear idea about the shape of drawing the entire face, too. While putting iris and pupil, you should rely on reference material, as it would be crucial for final look. You can refer to photos of the person, if he or she is not sitting before you.

While drawing the eyes, it should be kept in mind that the areas of eyes that is wet, would take a different shine than the other areas. This can be done by using shading by giving lesser weight on the tip of your pencil.

When the inner parts of the eyes are done with, you can concentrate on the eyebrows, adding bristle like hair or straight lining, as the case may be. Finally the lower eyelids and parts of skin surrounding the eyes would be important. Constant practice would guide you where to do lighter or darker shading. It is simply like following the pattern of the light falling on the different part of the eyes. While drawing, you should have the best art materials with you. The pencils of different shades from a stores selling art materials; the drawing papers of different sizes; three good erasers; half a dozen paper stumps: these would be a sufficient weaponry. (Image courtesy By Michael2266 (Template:Michael Trujillo)[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons)

Drawing Eyelashes

There are times, especially during holidays when I feel experimenting with pencils. I take a printout of any photo of one of my friends. Help would be taken from the regular weaponry: the 3B and 4B pencil, eraser, and a fresh bunch of A4 papers.

The above portrait is of a renowned painter Salvador Dali. The paintings done in revolutionary style are like trade mark of Dali's artwork. Here the artists has done the best and depicted the artistic prowess beautifully. Look at the eyes and the eyelashes drawn. When doing pencil portrait, an artist first draw the eyes, as it marks out the important expression and help in putting precise measurements of nose, mouth and the forehead of a person to be portrayed.

You can also try it drawing your self-portrait or portraits of your friends. If you are trying self-portrait, it is very easy. Only you have to spare an hour's time and a room with its doors shut ! Try it today. (Image courtesy Flicker: Uploaded by joseboa )

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