Pencil at is a very fertile medium. It is called as the gateway of the art of painting. In past the drawings were done as preparatory work for the final paintings. Now a day with the invention of new kind of graphite and colour pencils along with the charcoal, the art of drawing has become an art in itself.

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The Tools: While doing pencil drawing the choice of objects to draw is hardly a problem. You are to just look around in the area you are sitting or standing. You would certainly find a suitable subject and a set of the objects to draw. In the beginning it is advisable to draw the homely objects; it can be your table; it can be your table clock; it can be you wet towel or it can be you hanging pyjama.

Tips For Beginners: Here you would find some useful tips on the art of pencil drawing. You would get guidance about shopping the materials for the drawing and painting. If you love art, you wold love to shop for art materials like you love to purchase a new pair of designer jeans or a new brand of good perfume. Many people love the art materials as they like riding of their bikes and wearing tracking shoes. Here in these articles you would find ample guidance and tips for how to shop the art materials from a departmental stores or a small shop.

Figurative Drawing: Anything you like, anything you feel inspired from would do. Just make it sure about the size of the object and how far it is lying from you, near to you or at a distance. Figurative drawing is a major source of inspiration for the artists. Look at this simple drawing of any clothe-less woman from backside, and try to find out how the artist has drawn the limbs and maintained the proportions of every part of the body. The sense of proportion of the limbs are very much of importance.

Drawing Tips
  • If you are to do much shading work, choose paper with rough surface. It holds the graphite of he pencil and creates a sense of volume.
  • If your work is mainly the lining, then the smooth paper would be better. It helps in creating a drawing with uniform lining.
Let us take one example of line drawing and shading. here is one of the wonderful pencil drawings I have seen.

How to Draw A Lion: Pencil drawing

When an artist looks at the animals, the first thought he or she encounters is that he/she should draw that pretty animal. But when we look at a lion, we feel that an artwork or a poster of the Lion should be on the walls of our home.
lion. Pencil drawing, originally uploaded by andream66.

Thus it is desire of the artists to draw animals. Here the artist Andrea Moore has used is talents as an artist and has done this pencil drawing.

The lion is different than any other animal. Unlike other animals, we cannot draw portrait of a lion in keeping the pretty animal open before our eyes. It should be caged, or the artist himself/herself should be caged.. haha. Look at the display of the art of pencil. The lining and shading work done by Andrea is superb. The curve of the hair on face give a realistic look to the whole portrait of the lion.

Pencil Drawing of Wild Animals: Lion

If you wish to draw the face of a lion, like a portrait, it would be better to paint only the face and no other parts of his body. The whole drawing would look roundish due to hair on the face, but the face itself would look a oval shaped one.

Take care to draw the lines bolder, as it would give strength to the drawing. The upper jaw of a lion looks always puffy and the lower jaw flat. the nose line would always be straight, coming downward. The nose-line should look beginning from the center of the eyes.

Other things would be as usual as in the case of drawing other animals. You should draw the shadow of nose-tip on the opposite side from which the light is falling on the face.

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