LEARN PENCIL DRAWING: Mountains, Rivers, Farms and Farmhouses

Theme: Drawings of Mountains, Rivers, Rocks, Buildings and Gardens

Drawing of mountains and riverbanks are technically difficult job. We have to define the exact linings of the whole scene. While drawing mountains, we are required to consider all the principles of linear perspective and aspect of the distance, as the mountains are not standing side by side like soldiers in a parade ground. For that we should go to the countryside, with a good pencil, a sketchbook, and the heart that loves the mountains. Crozzon di Brenta from south, 1890 (Schlesinger)
Crozzon di Brenta von Süden 1890

How to Sketch Mountains

  • The first important aspect we must remember while drawing and sketching a natural scene is the factor of 'eye-line'. You can set the eye-line, an imaginative horizontal line that makes the whole artwork nearer to the eyes of the viewers.
  • The second important aspect of a drawing or a painting, especially in landscapes, is the vanishing point. In simple words, the vanishing point is the spot on canvas where your eyes are led and reaching there you get the complete feel of the painting.
  • If you want to create the real feel of the space in your drawing, just imagine that you are not drawing the mountains or riverbanks but you are to draw the negative spaces, the spaces not occupied by the objects. It helps you not to get confused about the strange shapes of some objects like trees in distance or the boulders lying on the riverbed.

The continent of Europe is a vast area full of natural beauties. The artis of all the time have used this rich resources of Europen land. This beautiful land has high mountains with snow covered peaks and the furiously flowing rivers in all the direction.

The above pencil drawing is a very good example for learning the pencil art. The work of shading is marvelously depicted here. Look at the direction from which the light is falling on one side of the mountain peaks. While doing pencil drawing the concept and effect of light falling on the objects are crucial. Here in this drawing, the mountains which are near are drawn with details. The mountains which are at a distance are shaded with darker pencil, as thesunlight is in the opposit direction. and as these mountins are at a distance, lesser details are put into that area of the drawing. [Image courtesy By Schlesinger [null], from Wikimedia Commons ]

LEARN DRAWING: Farm and Farmhouse

Theme: Drawing Farm and Farmhouses, Mountains, Rivers, Buildings and Gardens
Drawing of Saighton Lane Farm

Some people go for pleasure; and some go for rescuing themselves from the monotony of their life. But the art is an inner aspect, making us enjoying the real pleasure in our life. However the artists strive for finding the subjects. They always wander for the subjects of his or her choice. There can be no better place than the country side for getting the subjects to draw and paint.

If you are a beginner in the art of painting and drawing, the pencil drawing of farms and farmhouses could be very much of help. It is because the person who has just started learning the art of drawing would not find himself or herself in difficulty while drawing the farms. It is because these drawing require fewer details, as they are stationed at a distance.

How to Draw Farm and Farmhouses

The objects of farm and the farm houses, rivers and mountains, are bound to remain at a considerable distance from our eyes. While drawing the same, we have to catch the intrinsic anatomy of the scene, meaning whether it is morning or evening. It is important to know the season. It could be winter of the summer.

Get the Feel of the Scene: Here in the above vast and broad pencil drawing, the artist has tried depicting the exact feel of the country side. If we look at the drawing for sometime, we can feel that we are in the midst of the scene. The architectural details of the farm house is drawn and shaded with precision and due care. The lining work is a noteworthy one. The main thing to be remembered while drawing such a natural scene is the choice of the size of the paper. The pencil drawing of natural scene is bound to be wider than the usual drawing.

The main thing to be remembered while drawing such a natural scene is the choice of the size of paper. The pencil drawing of natural scene is bound to be wider than the usual drawing. The initial sketching and lining work is also an important factor. This would decide how the final drawing would be looking.

Essential Shading: After the lining work is completed, an artist can proceed doing the shading work. The trees and buildings standing on the farmhouse would require appropriate shading. Artist should know about the side from which the sunlight is coming from. Shading would follow the direction of sunlight. Those parts of the objects facing sun would be shaded lighter. The parts which do not face sun would be shaded darker.

The farmhouses do not stand in isolation. There would be some mountains or other objects in distance. In order to create a feel of reality in an artwork, these objects should be drawn. Objects which are far away would take lighter shading and lesser details than the objects which are nearer.

Tips for Drawing Landscapes

When we look at the vast area of the earth before our eyes, we would see all the colours of the rainbow. It would seem almost impossible to draw all the shades and colours by tips of the pencils in our set of the tools. But we can do one thing to ease this problem. We can think the colours in the terms of black and white only. We can make it easier by taking a photo of the scene to be painted and then transfer it into black and white photo with the help of Photoshop program. This photo could be a good guide to understand the hues and colours of the landscape. [Image courtesy See page for author [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons]

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