Albert Lynch: Painting the Soul Of Colours

If the world is to end, and I am to chose some evidences of how the women of our age looked and how much beauty were endowed to them, I would love to preserve some portraits made by our master painters. Albert Lynch would be one of the artists whose paintings I would choose to be preserved. The art of Portrait making with pencil is as easy as swimming; only you have to keep your head always up. But if you know doing this art, it provides you the pleasure of swimming in the sky of creativity, too.

Portrait of a Lady

In this portrait we can see all the dexterity an artists would love to have. The element of pleasure injected through the wonderful pastel colours are emitting from every inch of the face. She looks to enjoying the tasteful comfort the artists has injected through the beauties of his brushstrokes.

In nineteenth century, Paris was like Mecca for the artists of the world world. The city and its artistic flavour had attracted many big names. Albert Lynch, born in Peru, was not an exception to be lured by the glitters of Paris. He migrated to Paris and succeeded in showing his work in Salon.

In this beautiful painting, the artist has delivered everything he had: the sense of proportion, the balance of colours, and the unmatched beauty of the pretty woman he portrayed.

The eyes of the woman wearing big hat is looking in sideways. The perfectly painted eyes are emitting the artistic strength the artists possessed.

Woman With Big Wig

Look at the centre of the portrait. here lies the painterly skill of an artists. The skin of the beautiful woman that looks light pink, has been surrounded by the red dress; and then the dark-coloured over cloth. This makes the whole portrait so matured looking and standing on a firm footing. The youthful attraction that vibrating from the face, the same is lurking at the bottom of the portrait, too.

An artist always tries to tell a story though his or her painting. If we try to find out such a story that would have run in the mind of the artist Albert while painting this portrait I would be like this: Here is a woman who is not tight-lipped but has stored many secrets below her softly closed pair of lips. The thoughtful eyes portraits that the woman has a nature of taking every incidents of life as inevitable happening. she might have suffered blows, but her pensive face had digested all the uproars that her life might have seen. The artist finds it very challenging when he or she desires to infuse such aspect of the character of the person siting for the portrait. Here Albert seems to have nicely succeed in his artistic desire to infuse the feelings and inner character of the lady portrayed. Images courtesy [Image courtesy Albert Lynch [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons , and Albert Lynch [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons ]
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