How to Draw Cloth-less Woman

Portrait drawing of women are one of the most favourite subjects. The woman being portrayed would be in different postures. The artist making her portrait takes special care taking the typical postures she is holding. It is needless to mention that the work of an artist would not be an easy one here. It would be sensual one, too, for the artist and the viewers alike. The following articles narrate how the women in various postures are recreated with the help of pencil.
Detail of Drawing of a Woman Wearing no clothes
How to Draw a Cloth-less Woman From Front Side

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If anyone desires to build career as an artist, the first brick would be the Pencil Drawing. Look at this study drawing depicting the allegorical figure of Romance, a 'clothe-less woman' sitting in a relaxed mood. Watch her bent head. She bends her head for reading the book lying on her lap. This is Graphite pencil drawing by Kenyon Cox, an American painter and writer (1856 -1919), done in the year 1896.
Woman in Her Natural Beauty

The Artist: It was the time when American painters desired to go to Paris. It was the time when it was believed that second renaissance is in progress in Europe. Cox also travelled to Paris, the city that was considered as paradise for the artists. There he studied under great painters like Carolus-Duran and Jen-Leon Gerome.

The Art: Being very different from other contemporary artists who followed cubism and neo-classicism, Kenyon Cox represented his visual images and ideas in his own style. He believed differently, he behaved singularly. He believed that before starting a painting on canvas, a careful drawing of the same is necessary. He also believed in the modulation of the colours. He had written several articles about the realistic figurative painting that he was doing. He had also commented well on the abstract or representational art that was gaining more and more attention in his time. 

How To Draw a Cloth-less Female

The Posture: In this drawing, a cloth-less woman reading a book, Cox has tried showing the beauty of a female body from front side. Though sensual are the curves of the sitting lady, her mood seems to be settled in modesty. Her pose is in all respect artistic. Cox has masterly depicted the light falling on her subtle and soft body. The shading work done of the hands and below the head and book is extremely precise.

Following his instinct and using the artistic prowess he had, Cox mainly painted in realistic manner. He was great lover of the old pattern of figurative paintings. He was known for his landscapes genre studies. The portraits he did had earned him much reputation. If his above pencil drawing is any evidence of his reputation, we can say that he had earned that reputation in bulk.

Anatomy: The artists had taken care about the anatomy of a woman who had such a symmetrical physical appearance. Look at the shading and lining work done at the woman's thighs resting on her sit. The right leg is marvellously put on the left. it had created a sense of proportion and ease that we can see in this pencil drawing.

Those artists who still learn drawing of figures can take a leaf out of Kenyon Cox's book. While drawing a woman in her natural beauty, especially from the front side, the artist might be allured to make the drawing much sensual. He/she might be tempted to draw it making more alluring. But here Cox had maintained the aesthetic balance of beauty and the art. Here the clothless woman is a subject, and not an object to stare at.

The Art of Drawing Cloth-less Figures

Painting is the universal language. It crosses the boundaries of nations, of races, of gender and every type you name. The painters, since the age of carvings on the stones, have endeavoured to reveal their emotions on the surfaces they chose. They used the tools of their linking and availability. The oil paintings came after invent of the durable oils. But the pencil drawing, and preparatory drawing by any other tools, has remained still a major source of artists’ pleasure and leading to perfection.

The above pencil drawing is by Kenyon cox. He has used her artistic prowes and subtleties while executing his passion for the art of painting and drawing the cloth-less figures. If we look at the drawing from a distance, we would be able to see the perfect organization of the whole drawing: the position of the body of the young woman and the shape and proportion of the model's body. The softness of tip of the artist’s pencil is clearly visible, creating the form and the texture of each feature of the sitting woman. If you look at the pressed foot under the lady's thigh, or at the skin-creases in her sides, the artist has maintained the excellence of artistic perfection.

While detailing the cloth-less, man or woman, the artists take utmost care in uniting all the limbs of the body into one unit and creating an enjoyable output. The care taken by the painter makes the model’s face unique. Here the artist has marvelously executed his skill through lighting and shades created by the strokes of pencil: look at the position of the head in relation to the neck and torso. If we carefully observe the light falling on the cheek and back, it would help defining the beauty of the woman sitting without clothes. The shading, the interplay of light and shade, ascribes dimensions to the other parts of the bare body of the sitting beauty.

Drawing the women wearing no clothes has remained the artists’ preoccupation since the ages. The subject has been the main source providing the artists a date with muses. They kept carefully selected models before them as source of visual reference. Then they start drawing, painting or shaping out a sculpture based on the mental image of the model they had build up in their mind. When the beauty and form of the model reach subconscious of an artist, it results into a masterpiece. [Images courtesy: Kenyon Cox [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons ]

When you are to draw a portrait of a woman having no clothes on from the back side, you would need much shading work. After the basic work drawing the anatomy is done, the precise shading creates a sense of volume in the drawing.
Drawing bare breasts of a woman is one of the most delicate work for a portrait artist. The size and shapes of the breast would vary from a woman to woman. If the clothless lady sits in side, it would be drawing of one breasts full from the side an another would be less hi-lighted.

Drawing of a sitting person required perfect attention about the falling of the light on various parts of body. Here the artists would make it sure about the source of light and the direction from which it is coming. The lighted area of the body of a woman wearing no clothes of minimum clothes would decide how long and how intensive the shadow of her would be.

While a woman is sleeping, she would form a shape that could be straight or curvy. The portrait artist would assess the distance of the woman being portrayed and the posture she makes while sleeping. If she is posing front side towards the artists, it would be a totally different style than from a portrait from back side. The woman might be sleeping on a bed or a sofa. Or she may be sleeping her belly keeping downward.

Some times an artist wants to make a drawing of a woman doing some work. She may be, generally, reading or sewing or doing any other domestic work. In every incident, the artist would be required to use his or her specific talent. [Image courtesy Kenyon Cox [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]
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