Portrait: Liz Taylor and Richard Burton

It is quite unnecessary to introduce this twin-star like pair: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. There was time of three decades when these pair ruled the screens of the cinema halls. The viewers were used to wait with curiosity to know about their next film.

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Elizabeth Taylor, know as only Liz Taylor, was the actor who would occupy the entire space on the screen just by her presence on the frame.

Elisabath's role of Cleopatra is so memorable that people have equate the beauty of real Cleopatra with the charming face of Liz. In this great film, she had co-starred with Richard Burton.

Richard Burton has given number of memorable films to the movie history. His role in Cleopatra with Elisabeth Taylor was one of his best performances. But I would vote for his role in a spy thriller Where Eagles Dare. This was the role one would never be out of the minds of those who have seen these films once.

These artist of the screen was a unique couple; they divorced and remarried each other several times. But their life seemed happy and pleasant; their friendship seemed unbeaten by all that was happening to their married life that had passed through several phases.

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Though the pair is not now alive. But the love for both of them is intact in the hearts of the Hollywood cine-lovers.

Starting her career as a child artist, Elizabeth Taylor had earned the name and fame that hardly any other movie star would earn. Her life was unique like her acting prowess. Her epic film Cleopatra reached such a height of fame that she could not repeat the same acting that she did in the film.

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