How to Do Value Drawing and Lining with Pencil

Art of Value Drawing in making portraits.

The pencil is a tool using which an artist can create wonders. If used with passion and fueled by inspiration, the resulting artwork would be an astonishing one.

Qualities of Pencil

A little stick of a pencil, having a graphite inside, is a wonderful device. It would recreate the world before our eyes near to real. While drawing or painting, an artist goes through a process of letting the viewers know about his or her feelings. He used the means of drawing or painting or making of a sculpture. What an artist wants is the recreation of the world he/she sees and how he or she feels about the inner and outer aspects of the things or figures being recreated. The pencil helps artist in a greater way to perform well.

The Stages of Drawing

After the outlines of a figure are over, the stage of shading becomes crucial for making a drawing live. This shading work can be done in two different manner. Generally the outlines are honoured and the shading follows the boundaries set by these lines. However an artist can prefer the technique of value drawing.

Advantages of Value Drawing

Value drawing is an artistic process wherein no lines are drawn. The artists look at the light falling on the object and decides the tonal values of the light. he or she would catch the degree of the shining and darkness the light would create on the objects and on the surrounding area. Thereafter the artist would start recreating the figure only with the help of direct shading and not putting linings for guidance.
This process of value drawing would give artist a higher level of freedom needed. Here in this pencil drawing, the artist (Just Christine) has tried to recreate the faces of two people with the help of shading only. We can see how beautifully the artists has been successful in creating the feel of three dimensional effect.

Value drawing would expect utmost care from the artist regarding the placement of the shadows and the lighted areas. Careful shading work done with varying pressure on the pencil tip would make the final drawing a wonderful piece of art.

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This is a very nice pencil drawing of Hollywood actor, model and fashion designer.
The art of pencil drawing, and making portrait with pencil, seems to be at its best level here. The artist has put great efforts in depicting all the emotions on the face of the lady. Look at the eyes. Look at the eyes of Sienna Miller, how expressing is the pair of her eyes....!

Sienna Miller #2, originally uploaded by Made in the Dark.
  • Line Drawing and Value Drawing
When an artists takes pencil in his or her hand, he or she would use two types of techniques to display the artistic prowess. One would be a drawing with the help of lining. That is called the 'line drawing'. The smooth lining work would recreate the images in the mind of an artists. another one, and a harder one too, would be the value drawing technique. Here the artists would not define the different areas of the drawing by putting lines, but the shades would mark the same. This technique is called 'value drawing'.

Line Drawing in Making Portrait

The portrait drawing is an art and a technique. The beginner should first define the outlines of object to be drawn. That is necessary for the following detailed work. After the rough sketch is done, then you start adding the details. In the above drawing, you can see that is is very simple drawing of the position of fingers. You can draw that by taking the help of simple lining. The next stage would comprise of the adding of the details of the nails and other aspects. The artists who have just started drawing recently should not worry about the dissimilarity found in the drawing and the real object, as it happens in the initial stage. As the practice of drawing increases that problem would be solved in due course.

For a beginner, or even for accomplished artists for some reasons, the line drawing is a crucial stage. Here the artist has to limit himself or herself in drawing the contours of the large forms only. It is because while in the line drawing stage, our main objective of is to create a structured picture of the overall scene or the portrait we are going to draw. It is of paramount importance that at the stage of line drawing, the overall structure must be geometrically accurate.

Tips: If you are drawing a portrait with the help of a photograph, the black and white version would be better to understand the face.

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