Portrait of Adriana Lima

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Sometimes accidents would make or break out life and our career. Happy accidents make our life happier. Such has happened in Brazilian model and actress Adriana Lima's life. she did not wanted to enter the filed of modelling, never wanted to be a model.

Adriana LimaThough she had stood outstandingly in many beauty contests and beauty competitions in her young age, she had never thought herself entering the field of modeling as her career.

Adriana Lima, Model and Actress, Brazil

There occurred an accident. She had a friend, a school friend. She wanted to enter some beauty contest. But she insisted that she would not enter that competition alone. So she inspired Adriana Lima to enter the competition with her. That opened the way for Lima. [Image Courtesy By Gimp work by Abu badali from David Shankbone's original picture (Image:Adriana Lima by David Shankbone.jpg)[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons ]

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