LADY DIANA: Portrait of Pain and Pleasure

If we think about beauty and tragic death at the same time, Princess Diana's name would immediately spark in our mind. such was her unmatched beauty: such was her tragic death. Here we can see how the beauty of that magnificent lady is portrayed by a woman artist from Latin America. The portrait depicts most of the features Lady Diana was know for.

Princess Diana, Pencil Portrait

The Art: If we closely look at Lady Diana’s portrait here, first of all we would get glimpses of the beauty she was gifted by God. If we start seeing from her hair, we see that it is Diana’s trade mark like hairstyle. She always kept her hair so well-arranged, so beautifully set. Every stroke of pencil artist Nini Johanna Galindo has put here on paper witnesses the reality of Diana’s appearance and hairstyle.

Some of the most charming aspects of Diana’s personality were her smile and eyes, emitting power. In this pencil portrait of Diana, the artist Nini Johanna Galindo has succeeded in drawing these two aspects beautifully. Nini is a professional artists living in Bogotá, Colombia. Her tip of the pencil knows very well how and where to inject beauty in portrait of a person. Her curvy pencil strokes are quite capable to show the reality on face of the person being portrayed. The portrait of Lady Diana can be termed as the portrait of pain and pleasure. Such was her pleasant personality. Such was her painfully-passed life that had ended in a tragic death.

The Person Portrayed: The ever-smiling lips, love for all in heart, and hope in the eyes: these were the material Princess Diana carried always with her. Born on first July of 1961, Diana Spencer was married to the apparent heir to British Crown, Prince Charles. As per British laws and tradition, heir to the throne can marry a woman having certain specific qualifications regarding religion and other things. To remain eligible as heir to the throne, Prince Charles was to marry a woman having three characteristics: Church of England Faith, Royal Decent, and presumable a virgin. Diana Spencer fitted well in the slot, and she became Princess of Wales.

Princess Diana Cannes

Diana Spencer and her family resided near to the royal family ofEngland. It was the privilege of the family to frequentBuckingham Palace when Diana was a little girl. The Queen Elizabeth and the Mother Queen have never valued the money and wealth more than the relationships. As Diana’s grand parents were in Queen Mother’s personal staff, Diana had free access for visiting the palace. When Prince Charles and Diana were married on 29th July, 1982, she was aged 20 and Prince Charles was of 32 years. The difference of age was never a point of dispute between the couple.

Princess Diana

Dina was mother of two beautiful princes: Prince William Arthur Philip and Prince Henry Charles David. Even if the couple, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, was divorce in 1996, Dina had never missed her duty as the mother of two children. Till her sadness filled life ended on August 31, 1997, in a tragic accident, she remained a careful mother of her children. (Image courtesy By Georges Biard [CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons)

The Artist: Nini Johanna Galindo, now a full-fledged professional artist, had started her artistic career at the age of six. She drew the maps of her country Colombia in her childhood. She has deep interest in ceramic painting. The pencil drawing in general, and portrait making in particular, is her passion. Being mother of two beautiful sons, and an artist at heart, she knows what the beauty is in reality.

Nini Johanna Galindo

While discussing about getting inspiration for being an artist and the required support, Nini credits Mr. Angel Anadon, a well-known artist from Argentina. While working at home, when Nini takes a pencil in her hand, her lips would start singing, spontaneously. Dipped in the feelings that flow in her heart and equipped by technique of drawing Nini has mastered, the tip of her pencil would draw beautiful drawings on paper. She has a good collection of portraits. The persons being portrayed are her clients, friends, close relatives, and celebrities. In the space covered by face of a portrayed person, she would inject all what she perceives with her physical and artistic eyes. Sadness or happiness, anger or pleasure, hope or despair visible on the face of a person being portrayed, Nini’s pencil would transfer everything onto the drawing paper. Her observation is keen; her artistic prowess is to depict what she sees and feel. You can see her collection of artworks here.

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