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Russel Crowe
Pencil Drawing
-by Monica Marabotto

The Actor: At the age of four Russell Crowe had moved to Australia. It was due to his parents moved there for pursuing career in film industry in Australia. They were engaged in providing 'set catering' services in film industry. At his age of fourteen Russell's family had again moved to New Zealand. Russell loves horses, and he has special love for these lovely creatures, the horses. Blood Oath, Proof, The Crossing, and Spotswood these were films in his initial career. He got much fame after he worked in the film Gladiator.

Russell had many good films in his portfolio. Look at the rich list of his films: Blood Oath, Proof, The Crossing, and Spotswood, these were the films in his initial career. His journey of success and fame kept going on steadily. and finally he got a challenging role in a big budget film: Gladiator. It is the film in which we can see Russell Crowe in his full form, and at his highest commitment to the art of acting. rightly, he got much fame after he worked in the film Gladiator.

The Art: This pencil drawing of Hollywood celebrity Russell Crowe is made by an young artists Monica Marabotto. While doing this portrait she had used pencils of various grades, starting from 4B to 8B. The artist Monica, presently, living in Argentina, would think about an image she wants to draw; and then she would add her skill of drawing and painting into it. And the outcome would be such a beautiful drawing. One can use any other pencils of his or her choice, or select even a coloured paper available in market. Monica has used Cannon Paper of the size of 40 x 33 cm. For a portrait, this size would be well enough, a full-sized one, I would say.

Artist: If we look at the collection of Monica's Pencil Art, we can see a range of subjects and persons she has chosen to draw. when I talked to her, she told me that she is planning to transfer all of her drawing into coloured portraits. She would prefer acrylic medium for making out the colour portrts of the celebrities she has drawn by black pencil. [Artist Monica Marabotto, Villa MarĂ­a, Argentina]

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