PORTRAIT : A Girl From Backside

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For an artist, the pencil drawing is a medium that could be used at its best with ease. For me it is a matter of convenience. I had cultivated a working relationship with the slim rod of graphite fitted within a wooden cylinder. I keep one pencil, sharpened at both the ends, and a small notebook in my pocket. And I would not miss a chance to draw a beautiful scene or an object I find interesting.

girl back - chica de espaldas, originally uploaded by rafanav.

Figurative Drawing: Working on the pencil drawing that is given here is just like to walk on a beach and draw with full of pleasure. To draw a sketch of this woman would not take much time. Once you have seen the woman in her bathing suit or in trendy swim suit, you can do it with pleasant ease. You would need time to complete it in perfecting the lines and doing required shading work. When the woman's body is unclothed, take extra care in shading the lighted parts.

Sketch: the sketch of a woman's drawing comprises certain defining lines. You are to draw a quick sketch of all you see with your eyes. It is not necessary to go in details at this stage. The sketching is for the guideline that you would need while preparing a final portrait. It seen that newbie artists are very much enthusiast in drawing subtle details of shading; and in the process they lose the big picture. While sketching, just use different lines for lighter and darker portions of the body. This can be done by applying less or more pressure on the pencil. This would facilitate you to draw the different tones.

The Beginning: In the preparatory stage, while drawing an unclothed woman, we should accumulate lots of details about her: like her images, hairstyle, fashion she believes in, and current artistic styles in which she acts as a model for the portrait. At this stage we have to capture a familiar look in her eyes, a characteristic and emotion she has; and we must notice how she feels being so unclothed or partly clothed. This would help us making her portrait more near to the reality.

Drawing: If the person whose portrait you are making is not present, you can use that sketch. First of all imagine the body of the woman without clothes in parts. Imagine about her bare body parts, like her head and shoulder, her upper body, her hips and her legs. This roughly done four section would help you to proceed further. There after insert the curvy lines, especially on the part of chest, sides, and the hips of the young woman. You should have image shown in right side here. This masterly drawn drawing is by one European artist, Egon Schiele.

Shading: Believe it that the shading is not so difficult job. It is relatively simple. You can think about the light and shadows. The shadows are to be shaded. Do like this: hair are to be shaded dark; the face would be lighted on one side and in shadow on the another; shading to be done under the nose and mouth; careful shading is required to show two lips differently. If the figure is drawn from behind, one hip would require shading.

The final stage of a drawing needs utmost care. If the figure drawn is to be prominently highlighted, we have to mark the edges with much care, making it clearly distinct from the background. The back ground of a portrait may be a room, a side of a window from which some light is coming in, or a simply coloured landscape. Here utmost care must be taken not to highlight the background in a manner that could potentially distract the viewers' attention from the main figure. Pencil shading done with artistic mind would certainly make the portrait looking impressive.

Drawing a Woman Wearing No Clothes: If a woman's body being portrayed is unclothed, you would take extra care in shading the parts of her figure where the light falls less. The drawing and shadings of buttocks, thighs, legs, and breasts are the important factors while making pencil portrait of a woman wearing no clothes. Drawing of colourful bikini, a designer's thong or a new swimsuit would provide extra experience. However, if the woman is sitting before you keeping her front side before your eyes, the concept of drawing would change and drawing of subtle curves would take lead over the lines. (Image of Woman from Backside courtesy By Egon Schiele (1890–1918) (repro from art book) [public domain], from Wikimedia Commons) (Image of Woman From Front side s courtesy By Kenyon Cox (Library of Congress[1])[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons )
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