LEARN DRAWING: Female in Natural Beauty

Theme: Pencil Drawing of natural Beauty of females. Paintings of Natural Beauty.

If you are a person of emotional heart; if you like drawing shapes on paper; then pencil drawing is like a record of your emotional life. You should do it extensively.

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The Art: If you want to do figurative drawing, especially the women, you should have some prior knowledge of pencil drawing. You must have basic knowledge abut the lining and shading work. It would help making your figurative drawings more realistic and more pleasurable to the eyes of art lovers.

How to Draw: First important aspect is that on seeing the drawing from a distance, the viewer should be able to see the perfect organization of the whole figure so drawn. The viewers must have the clear idea about the aspects you have depicted, namely the position of body of the man or a woman, the shape and proportion of the model's different limbs.

It goes without saying that while detailing the figures, of males or females, as an artist you will have to take care in uniting all the limbs of the body into one unit and creating an enjoyable output. The pencil drawing here is one of the finest examples of the drawing and pencil shading done with artistic perfection.

The Artist at Work: Here in this pencil drawing you would not fail to mark the above aspects, nicely drawn and skillfully depicted. The softness of the tip of the artist’s pencil is clearly visible, creating the form of the sleeping beauty. Look at the texture of each feature of the surrounding, the shading of drapery and the darkness of the wall that gives more highlighting to the figure drawn. If you look at the position of the lady's thighs or at the shading of the drapery, the artist has maintained the excellence of artistic perfection.

Look at the pencil drawing given above. It is one of the best pencil shadings I have seen. Every inch of this painting has power to keep the eyes of viewers pasted on it. A person, man or a woman, looks graceful when he or she is wearing no clothes. Though manners and movements, too, add to the grace of a person, the beauty is in the natural shape, the natural figure. The grace is form; the beauty is the soul.

PENCIL ART: Drawings of Sitting Female

Mujer desnuda con un espejo (Goya)Theme: Drawing Natural Beauty of Female and Male, figurative Drawings by Master Artists

Drawing by Francisco de Goya (1796–1797) "Woman with a mirror", Album of Madrid. Drawing to the watercolor and china ink on paper.

Figurative drawing, especially the pencil and charcoal drawing of showing natural beauty of human bodies, is a branch of art in itself. In figurative drawings the balanced depiction of contours of the body of models is as important as the concept of painting the ‘light effect’ is in 'still life' painting.

When we go to the exhibitions of paintings of human figures, we find mostly the artworks depicting the bodies of women. In most of these paintings or drawings the curvy parts of female bodies are depicted for single purpose of attracting the male viewers eyes.

Drawing in one colour pencil is the foundation of a bigger painting to emerge. It is called sometimes work in monochrome when done in one colour pencil of one shade of watercolour. After checking the basic work done in this manner you can proceed on to using the other materials like watercolour, oil colours, pastels or even coloured pencils. In this monochrome artwork, a painter like Goya has shown his masterly skill.

But here in this drawing the master artist Francisco de Goya had no intention to depict the body parts that give immediate rise to the sensual factors. In this drawing, in addition to pencil the master artists Goya had used water colour, too.

Mujer maltratada con un bastón (Goya)Goya was famous for his paintings depicting the acts of violence. His painting ‘Third of May’ is icon of human cruelty. In this painting the soldiers were shooting men. The horror on the men so being shot is very well depicted by Goya. Here in this pencil drawing, too, he had shown such cruelty. This is social side of making the helpless women subjected to the act of cruelty. A man is beating the woman with a cane. When a master artist paints or draws, he or she desires to send some messages to the viewers.

Woman Battered by a Cane

Here the message is clear. We can see the horror on the face of the woman who has fallen on ground. Her helplessness is compounded by the show of power by the gestures of the man using the stick. [Images courtesy: Woman With A Mirror By Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) Alternative names Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, Francisco Goya Description Spanish painter and printmaker Date of birth/death 30 March 1746(1746-03-30) 16 April 1828(1828-04-16) Location of birth/death Fuendetodos Bordeaux Work location Madrid, Zaragoza, Bordeaux[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons , Woman Battered by a Cane, By Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) Alternative names Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, Francisco Goya Description Spanish painter and printmaker Date of birth/death 30 March 1746(1746-03-30) 16 April 1828(1828-04-16) Location of birth/death Fuendetodos Bordeaux Work location Madrid, Zaragoza, Bordeaux [null], from Wikimedia Commons ]

Blending: After the drawing is done, there remains one important work to accomplish. Blending. The word blending means to soften the edged where two types of shading meets. You would see a dark like between shadings joining two value drawing parts. In reality there is nothing like visible line. So here the softening is required so as to make the drawing natural. Blending is done by rubbing a piece of tissue paper carefully on the areas to be softened. You can use fingers also.
Study : Cloth-less Woman


It is a great experience to look at master artists’ work. It is pleasure to follow the basics of drawing and painting they apply doing their masterpieces. But to copy a style of painting or drawing of one of them would not be a great idea. Instead you should develop your own style. And it is not so difficult. Your painting or drawing need not like to Picasso or Renoir; your colours may not be skillfully placed as Van Gogh or Prudhon did. But you have your own caliber and instinct. Follow that instinct. You style would be unique as your handwriting.

In most of the figurative paintings, the female figure symbolizes the spirit, as it does in this artwork, too. Again the beauty element is vitally important. I believe that creativity is only possible when there is passion and total involvement of the artist. The viewers with artistic taste would enjoy such an artwork, too. Only the presence of beauty makes that possible. Beauty is not in the face or an object; it is a light in the heart that spreads through the waves. (Image courtesy By Pierre-Paul Prud'hon (1758–1823) Description French painter Date of birth/death 4 April 1758(1758-04-04) 14 February 1823(1823-02-14) Location of birth/death Cluny Paris Work location Paris (Kunstlexikon) [null], from Wikimedia Commons)

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