Theme: Pencil Drawing of Natural Beauty of Female, Sleeping on Her Belly. Drawing a Sleeping woman. Pencil Shading Work for a Woman's Drawing.
My first pencil, originally uploaded by perlawater.

The Subject: The artist have been accepting the subject of drawing and painting the natural beauty of a woman. These artists try to draw or paint the women in various position. The request models to pose in the desired manner.

The Artist: Here the artists has arranged a woman, neatly in her natural beauty. She is sleeping on a comfortable cot. she has rested her belly on the bed and raised her head, chest and the legs upward. This posture has added attractiveness to her beauty.

The Art: Here the artist has done a marvelous work in the work of pencil shading. See how the perfect lining and precise shading by pencil ar done. Whenever an artist do such a drawing or painting, he or she makes it sure that the background of the prime figure works with the subject and not against the same. It is because however the great skill is applied in doing the background, in figurative drawing, the pivotal is the showing of the figure. It is the main reason to start the drawing itself. so if the background is such that it might catch the attention of the viewers first, the main figure would get lesser attention.

In the above pencil drawing the artists have kept all the fundamentals of the art of drawing and painting in mind. We can see that even if the colour of the drawing pencil remains the same, the figure of the woman sleeping on her belly is clearly identifiable. Her figure is the fist object where the eyes would fall first.


The Pencil Art

Till the modern age it the art of pencil drawing was believed to be and considered as a preparatory drawing for the other big artwork, or as an under-painting at the best. As this was misunderstanding in every sense, the situation is drastically changed now. Many artists devote their full time efforts to produce pencil drawings and make their work so presentable before the artistically educated eyes.

Pencil is nothing but a stick of wood with a graphite material within. But the capacities of this small article are endless in the world of art. Look at this pencil drawing, and you would find the magic of pencil.

The Artist: In the above reclining female's drawing, the artist has cared to show the delicate position of a woman's hands and the upper leg, resting on the lower one. Here the beauty of the model's bare body is perfectly depicted through the shading of pencil and the dexterous lining shown in the head of the woman. She has been drawn with all of her natural beauties.

Drawing Women Cloth-less

Here the unclothed woman model is set in a sleeping position and the colored pencil is used in drawing her. This pencil drawing of the woman sleeping on a beach is in no way looking as a preparatory drawing; it's a final art piece.

In the past years, the artists treated the subject of painting females without clothes embodied with several accepted rules. They had social reasons to obey the convention. A drawing or a painting like the above drawing would have been a difficult task for an artist to execute in the bygone era. But the bolder generation that had succeeded the previous one of the painters have done revolutionary job, improving upon their previous masters. In addition to this, the Freud’s ideas have changed the mindset of the people in general and the artists in particular; mindset for evaluating the paintings of women and men wearing no clothes.

Tips For Pencil Drawing

Whenever you get chance to see or hear any interview given by a renowned artist just concentrate on that; hear him or her. Carefully note how he or she had climbed the steps of the ladder. And one thing is certain that they must have done much labour to be there where they are. And while you ask for any great tip for the new entrants in the field of arts, these artists would tell you three words. And these three words would be “Practice, Practice, and Practice”. Only the constant following of the passion of drawing and painting would make you an artist.

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