PENCIL DRAWING: Paul Newman, Portrait

Paul Newman, originally uploaded by pbradyart.

How to draw Effects of Light in Pencil Drawing

An artist hardly can ignore the effect of the light falling on the face of a person whose portrait he or she is making. The drawing of portrait would look like three dimensional if proper shading in respect of the light is done. look at the above drawing. The artists Paul Brady has tried his best in recreating the presence of light on the face of the Hollywood Actor Paul New Man. In this portrait the artists has succeeded in making the face of the person so outstanding.

In the above portrait we can see how the proportions of all parts like the eyes, the lips, nose, and the ears are maintained. A small mistake here or a tiny wrong dot there could render the whole portrait less enjoyable. The beginners should take a leaf from the book of the artists who are well-experienced in making the portraits.
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