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The Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston Hardly needs any introduction. Here is her pencil drawing done by a talented artist.

Career as Actress

Jennifer Aniston born in California, USA, is a Hollywood actress. She is in lime light due to her most entertaining role in a famous TV Serial named ‘Friends’.

Jennifer Aniston, originally uploaded by jameshildreth1020.

But Jennifer's roles in mainstream commercial films are very much noteworthy. Her ever-smiling and witty-looking face would get the prime attention from the people. The movies like ‘Object of My Affection’ and the ‘Good Girl’ are good examples of her work.

Jennifer Aniston: Her Life

Being a daughter of renowned actor John Aniston and actress mother Nancy Dow, she has the art of acting running in her veins. Her parents had divorced when Jennifer was only nine years old. The break up in their marriage had put Jennifer into a strange situation. She had to distribute her time between her father and mother. She lived with her father in Greece for some years. She also lived with her mother who lived in New York. Such strange events of her life had made her capable to face the hardships of real world.

Jennifer Aniston: Bold and Beautiful Actress

Jennifer is beautiful in looks and bold at using words. On asking by the media persons about her much advertised relationships with men, she would bluntly answer like this: I am not carrying ‘his’ baby. She is playful, energetic, and quite educated about her profession as an actress. The above pencil drawing reveals some of her characteristics.

Jennifer would not mind doing any bold scene. She would look at the story and the plot of the film and if such a courageous scene is going to enhance the entertaining and artistic value of the film, she would certainly agree to do that bold scene. She had done so for several times in movies. She would define her being without clothes as 'the moments of undress'.

Jennifer Aniston: Her Private Life

However she is very much on guard when the matter of her privacy is important. It is reported that she had decided to sue one magazine for publishing her cloth-less photo. It happened like this. She was sleeping with ease in her own backyard and was enjoying the sun bath. There were no clothes on her body. Some wandering photographer had taken her photo in this situation. That magazine had published it in one of its issues.

Jennifer Aniston: Popularity

Whenever there are surveys about deciding names of the most beautiful actresses, Jennifer Aniston would certainly be on the list. She would appear in the ‘top ten list’ of the attractive and sexy women in Hollywood. She would be on the list if someone prepares it to know who are the ‘highest paid’ actresses in Hollywood. [Image courtesy gdcgraphics [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia ]

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