PORTRAIT : Ann Margret

Theme: Making Pencil Drawings of Film Stars, Actors and Actresses. Portraits of Beautiful Women. 

Ann-Margret Olsson was born in Stockholm on April 28, 1941. She is a Swedish-born actress. Her career has bloomed as an American actress. She is famous for her sweet songs she sang and the beautiful dances she performed. She had several memorable performances in her purse. And for this she had been nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award, too.

THE ART: In this portrait of Ann Margret, the artist has depicted the skill of pencil drawing very well. It seems that this pencil drawing is the drawing of moods of Ann, the actress. Look at the eyes and mouth. One would immediately recognize one of the best pairs of the eyes of Hollywood stars. Here the artist has depicted skill of keeping very good control over the movement of pencil tip. An artist must be aware that every mark is going to make effect on overall beauty of final pencil portrait.

THE PORTRAIT: It goes without saying that a portrait should try revealing the personality of the person being portrayed. The above portrait of Ann Margret shows her personality at every inch of the drawing. That is the skill. If you mark the beautiful shading of hair and eyes, you would notice the labour and skill the artist has applied here. When shading is done with sharp tip of a pencil, it creates such an amazing portrait.


Draw Live: Do you know what the best way to improve your drawing is? Many of you would say that “keep practicing”. That is true. But keep practicing to draw from life. Live subjects mean whatever you see in front of your eyes. Look at an object that is nearest to you, or the thing that is available to your at any time. Use your eyes well, neatly, and catch the image into your mind. Then try transferring the image that you have stored in your mind. The live object would help you to correct whenever any deviation is there in drawing the actual shape.
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