PENCIL PORTRAIT: Daniel Craig, as James Bond, Portrait : Sean Connery

Pencil Drawing of Sean Connery

Connery 02 . work in progress, originally uploaded by pbradyart.

Look at this pencil drawing, the pencil portrait of the great actor Sean Connery. The beauty of eyes drawn and the energy embedded in the whole frame are the attractions of this pencil drawing. The main characteristics of the face of the actor are wonderfully depicted in this artwork. If we look at the curves and lining drawn in this portrait, we can hear a definite rhythm in this drawing. This is not a simple pencil drawing; it is a full-fledged artwork in itself.
SeanConneryJune08Sir Thomas Sean Connery (born on August 25, 1930) is living in the hearts of cinegoers of the world as Sean Connery. His acting as James Bond is beyound. He had acted any many other films and have bagged a score of awards.

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The Celebrity: Daniel Craig's behaviour and his evading of the showbiz-party-red-carpet surroundings is any evidence, then he is a man of reserved nature. It is unlike of other Hollywood actors. But to his credits, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan have said on record that Craig was a good choice as Bond. Such is his charm and acting prowess. His acting as James Bond is still as fresh as his smiling face.

Daniel Craig as James Bond, originally uploaded by Matthew Leader.

THE PORTRAIT: This is a pencil drawing! Yes, it is really a pencil drawing. At first sight we would surely believe that this is a black and white photograph. But this pencil drawing is done with such a superb artistic prowess that it has become so photo-realistic portrait of the Daniel Craig. The most important aspect of this pencil drawing is that, we can capture Daniel Craig's always-interesting face perfectly, just by looking at the frame.

THE ART: It is one of the drawings that I would brand as stunning artwork. Only when the shading is subtle, and the pencil marks are not-so-visible, such a magnificent work can be done. While controlling the tip of the pencil at the time of shading, the artist here might have been thinking to infuse a feel of photo realistic painting. The smooth areas created at forehead and nose are speaking about how the control on the pencil was perfect. The darkest part of the coat makes the whole portrait based on a firm footing.

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