Abraham Lincoln 1858Portrait drawing of Abraham Lincoln.

The portrait drawing is an art and a technique. The beginner should first define the outlines of face of the person whose portrait is to be made. After the rough sketch is done, then you start adding the details. The next stage would comprise of the adding of the details in the eyes, nose, and lips. These are the factors that make the face more and more identifiable with the original.

The artists who have just started drawing recently should not worry about the dissimilarity found in the portrait and the real face, as it happens in the initial stage. As the practice of drawing increases that problem would be solved gradually. It is customary to paint and draw the portraits of famous people and the celebrities. Here is one pencil drawing of US president Abraham Lincoln. We can see a photograph of the president here, too. It is Black and white cameo photograph of Abraham Lincoln taken in 1858. Here he seem looking into camera.

Art of Drawing: Before starting a pencil portrait of a man, woman or a child, just engage yourself with his or her eyes. Inspect carefully all the aspects of the eyes: the shape, the lower and upper eyelids, the pupil, the iris and the white portion. Carefully examine the shapes and shades of the lashes, the eyebrow and the portion of the eyes that catches the incoming light. These all comprises the set of complications in pencil portrait making; but it can be handled effectively if the artist is prepared from the beginning.

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Life of Abraham Lincoln

There are persons about whom we can write tirelessly. There are men and women about whom the words can hardly narrate in full. And there are heroes whose virtues we cannot count. Sixteenth President of USA, Abraham Lincoln was such a hero.

Born on twelfth February 1809, he had very little education during his childhood. His mother died when he was a small boy. His father had remarried and the boy Abraham had got a step mother like an angel. But the poverty of his family had left very less options for him. He started defeating all of his odds from the childhood only.

He studied law and became a lawyer. His marital life had not begun with ease. After two or three unsuccessful relationships, he had decided to marry Mary Todd. His marital life was full of happiness and she gave birth to his four sons.

Abraham Lincoln as President

Lincoln had started his political career in his youth. At the age of 25 he was elected in the Illinois General Assembly. However he had stopped taking part in political tasks during 1840s. He concentrated on his profession as a lawyer during this period. But he had become a full time politician from the year 1855. In 1861 he was elected as president and remained on the post until he was killed in 1865.

Managing Nation in Turmoil

During his tenure as president of USA, he was never at ease. The whole nation was in turmoil. Civil war was on. Cessation of the states to union was not so easy. But being an able administrator, President Lincoln closely supervised the war prevailing in the country. He made efforts to normalize the law and order situation in USA. And his efforts had turned victorious, too. His selection of the war generals was skilful. Moreover he handled various sections of his Republican Party very well.

Under his leadership, the concept of slavery took its last breath in America. This was one of his most valuable achievements. The lovers of equality among humans would always remember and respect such a man as Abraham Lincoln. He was assassinated on April 14, 1865, while he was seeing a play named “Our American Cousins”. He was shot at point blank, in his head by the gunman who was present in the theatre with a clear cut plan to murder the President. The nation of USA would always remember him as a hero. (First Image Courtesy By Taken by T.P. Pearson in Macomb, IL on August 26, 1858. This photo was taken five days after the first Lincoln-Douglas Debate and a day before the second Debate. Upon seeing this picture, one of Lincoln’s Springfield acquaintances remarked, “That’s the best likeness of Mr. Lincoln that I ever saw!”; scanned by Bob Burkhardt[see page for license],from Wikimedia Commons)

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