Pencil Drawings of Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Lucy Liu and Paris Hilton

Julia Roberts - Drawing by  snc145 - Photo by snc145
Pencil portrait drawing of Hollywood Actresses

Julia Fiona Roberts who was born on October 28, 1967, is an American actress who has become talk of every home where the people can her films. It was the year of early nineties from she became so famous.

It was her film with Rechard Gere, The Pretty Women that gave her initial success. Julia received Academy Award nominations for her two film Steel Magnolias and the well acclaimed film ‘Pretty Women’. She had received praise for her films involving the stories around romance and comedy.

Julia Roberts

Artists of all the cadre and status like to paint or draw Julia Robert’s portrait. Here is one of the artist endeavours to draw a pencil portrait of her. The portrait is done in the year 1990. However it has all the cheerful characteristics of the actress Julia Roberts.

One interesting fact about Julia Robert’s life is that when her mother was pregnant with Julia, she and her husband ran a school of acting for children. In their school, the children of a great man like Martin Luther King, Jr. studied the art. And as both families, Julia’s and Martin Luther King’s, were so known to each other, Mrs. King has paid the hospital bill when Mrs. Roberts gave birth to Julia. [Image courtesy By snc145 Steven Chateauneuf ]

Pencil Drawings Jessica Alba

Jessica Marie Alba (Born ob April 28, 1981)is an American actress who has started his professional career from her early age. He was just 13 when she appeared on TV and movies. But she became much famous for his artistic acting in a television series Dark angles that ran from 2000. From this year a succession of good movies is the story that has made the film actress Jessica Alba a legend in Hollywood.

jessica alba, originally uploaded by feebs_83.

Here in this coloured pencil drawing the artist has tried depicting the aspects of the beauty that have made the actress Jessica alba so popular among her fans. Look at the drawing of the glittering pair of her eyes. The well-draw cures of the hair lock and the beautiful pencil shading on one side of her face has made the pencil drawing an artistic look.

Jessica Alba is often considered as a sex symbol and the talks and gossips about her work and life have goot good coverage in the media. The craze of her fans are so high that she was voted as the “Most Desired Woman” in the year 2006; and she was also declared as “Sexiest Woman in the World” by one organization in the year 2007. She has bagged several awards and prizes for her work in the film and Tele Vision industries.

Pencil Portraits of Paris Hilton

The Artist: This portrait of Paris Hilton is done by a well-known artist. A listed Celebrity Red Carpet & Portrait Photographer, Turned Fashion Designer/Artist Mikey Cohen creates oil pastel, colored pencil, and ink pen drawings of his acclaimed photography subjects. We can see here how an artist uses coloured pencils in order to create the best result.

The Art: While using coloured pencils for making a portrait an artists should be more careful in drawing the hair. It is general concept that the hairs are generally. But an artist can recreate a real face or an imagined one by using others colours for he hair, too. Here in the above portrait of Paris Hilton, the artists has skillfully applied different shades for the hair. It has created a sense of volume.

Tips For Using Coloured Pencils

While using the coloured pencils for a drawing, the quality of the pencils matters much. so do select right quality, and for that the pencils produced by reputed companies would be a good choice. Good-quality brands include the well-known names like Prang, Camel, Prismacolor, Staedler, and Faber-Castell. while sharpening the pencil, take care to shape the tip of the pencil as per your need. If you wish to draw short lines, and sharp drawing, just keep the tip pointed. And for filling the black space of the paper, or colouring the space, you would need the tip thicker.

Portrait of Lucy Liu, American Actress: Pencil Drawing

Lucy Liu - Pencil Drawing by snc145

Imagine how you would be surprised when you are trying to get a supporting role in a play and you are selected for the lead role in the same play. it can be a wonderful happening with surprise of your life. such had happened in Lucy Lie's life.

It was year 1989 when University of Michigan was producing Alice in wonderland. Lucy got her wonderful and the role that helped her career as an actress.

Lucy Lui's Life Journey

Born in 1968 in a house in New York, Lucy Liu is an American actress. Her father was an engineer and mother a biochemist. with her origin in Taiwan, Lucy knows half a dozen of languages. In addition to the Chinese Mandarin, she speaks English fluently. If need arises, she would try her prowess in Spanish, Japanese and Italian, too.

Many a time she was put aside for her ethnic connection. But she tried her hard and made out a fine balance between her Chinese ethnic origin, the culture running with her blood, and her craving to rise above merely the Asian-american type experiences. And she did it magnificently.

Lucy Lui's career as Television actress came at its highest peak when she did a memorable role in TV serial Ally Mcbeal. her role as Ling Woo was praised by all who saw her TV Serial. She had done well in films like Chicago and Kung Fu Panda.

Lucy Lui, American Actress

Lucy Lie is a beautiful combination of beauty and talent. The pencil drawing given here is done by the master pencil artist Steven Chateauneuf. He is an artist whose collection pf pencil portrait is huge in numbers and rich in artistic skill. [Image courtesy By Lucy Liu.jpg: Rachel Lovinger (Blog) derivative work: Mangostar (Lucy Liu.jpg) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

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